Former US Attorney Drops Two More Names of Democrats Facing Indictments, You’ll Never Guess Who

Joe diGenova is the former U.S. Attorney who has been offering the public some very useful updates on the investigation going on inside the Department of Justice regarding the Russian collusion hoax and Spygate.

DiGenova just said in an interview that U.S. Attorney John Durham and the DOJ are now focusing on Adam Schiff and Susan Rice.

He said that Adam Schiff is getting scared because he knows that they’re coming for him. He’s known for some time I believe and that’s likely the reason why he rushed through the impeachment hearings.

Schiff likely knew that if he didn’t get rid of Trump then he was going to be in some serious trouble. His job and life depended on it stopping the investigation.

“Adam Schiff is afraid of honesty. Remember from the beginning of this entire charade he has been lying to the American people.”

“He [Schiff] has put out, literally, literally, this is important to understand, false information, knowing “that it was false.”

“Adam Schiff is really one of the most evil and disgusting human beings ever put on the face of this earth.”

“But the real disappointment was Dan Coats, the former Director of National Intelligence, who permitted all of this to occur and did nothing to fix it and harmed President Trump from the first day.”

But it wasn’t only Schiff. DiGenova also mentioned Susan Rice as being a focus for U.S. Attorney John Durham:

“The reason Susan Rice is squealing and screaming about [current Acting DirectGrenell is because she knows she’s in the cross-hairs of John Durham.”

“[Former Director of National Intelligence, Admiral Michael] Rogers has met with [US Attorney John] Durham regularly, we are told, regularly, in an effort to explain NSA activities and the violation of NSA rules by Susan Rice and others. One of the things we know is there has been grand jury testimony, no doubt about that.”

“I’m expecting a broad conspiracy charge which will be against Brennan and others to deny the President and people associated with the President, like Carter Page, of their civil rights. But also a huge conspiracy count to defraud the United States government of the faithful service of its employees.”

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