Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Sounds Like Communist Dictator Joseph Stalin After Michigan Lawmakers Step In

After Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer announced that she was going to extend the stay at home order another two weeks, that was the straw that broke the camels back.

Like I've said before, people aren't going to put up with this stuff but for so long. After that, there's going to be a battle and that's where we've come now as even lawmakers in the state have had enough.

A group of Michigan lawmakers from both state chambers are coming together to put an end to Gov. Whitmer's tyranny. They're not going to allow the female Joseph Stalin to run the show like this.

Republicans are fighting back against Whitmer. First, they are trying to limit her authority through passing bills, though these would require her signature as well and we know she's not going to do that.

“I’m not going to sign any bill that takes authority away from me.

“Of course, I will veto bills that they send over to limit the executive power. I’ve been very clear about that from day one,” she said Thursday. “Those blatant power grabs are bad in good times and dangerous in times of crisis.”

Lawmakers have one more trick up their sleeve, they are putting together a special oversight committee. Michigan House Speaker Lee Chatfield wrote, “The House & Senate will convene tomorrow to create a special oversight committee on COVID-19 to examine our government’s response. Michigan needs to handle this pandemic seriously yet properly. It’s what the people deserve, and we will see that it happens.”

On Monday, Whitmer said she would take a 10 percent cut to her $159,300 annual salary and her staffers would take cuts of 5 percent as the state grapples with the financial fallout of the coronavirus shutdowns. She also continued defending the orders she has issued.

“I know it’s not easy, but the price of losing loved ones is what’s at stake,” she said, noting that many people who contract the virus show no symptoms but can still spread it.

The theme of Thursday’s protest in Lansing, the state’s capital city, was that many Michiganders who are able to work should be able to do so, Pannebecker said.

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