WATCH: Pelosi Challenger Bravely Stands Up To Antifa Death Threats, ‘You Got The Wrong Guy’

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi may need to watch out because there is someone coming after her job who may actually stand a good chance of beating her.

John Dennis is chairman of the San Francisco GOP and he is sick and tired of Nancy Pelosi’s lack of effort and not getting anything done for the district. Obviously, it’s a dump.

He’s a serious competitor for multiple reasons:

First of all, Pelosi is a complete waste of a seat in Congress, can’t get anything done, and suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome so badly that she is just automatically against anything that he says or does. This was clearly seen during the State of the Union address.

Secondly, Dennis is tough!

Over the weekend Dennis and the San Francisco GOP were out cleaning up the streets of San Francisco and were confronted by Antifa who threatened Dennis’ life, but he didn’t back down.

During the clean up they even removed human feces that was behind a food truck.

At one point, a man who was a member of Antifa came and confronted Dennis. What he was unaware of though is that Dennis isn’t a guy to back down or take kindly to threats. He’s lived in California for 30 years and grew up in a housing project in Jersey City, New Jersey. 

The Antifa member wanted to intimidate him, that’s what they all do. They want to scare law-abiding citizens.

During the confrontation Dennis asked the man from Antifa why he was so angry and the man replied:

“No, I actually want you dead….Because you’re a piece of s**t….Because you’re racist.”

After some back and forth talking, the man from Antifa blew up and said:

“Bruh, I’m gonna catch you when all the cameras aren’t around, and I’m gonna f**k you up.”

The way Dennis replied was absolutely perfect. He told the man, “You’ve got the wrong guy. You’ve got the very wrong guy.”


You know darn well that you’d never seen Nancy Pelosi out there cleaning up her own city. She can’t even get other people to do it and she’s far too posh and important to do it herself.

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