Pelosi Who Accused Trump of Being a Dictator, Urges Him to Be A Dictator NOW

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has undoubtedly been President Trump's biggest opponents while he's been in the White House, possibly with the exception of Adam Schiff during the impeachment trial.

To be honest, Pelosi has been an opponent for all Americans. She, like practically every other Democrat, has accused President Trump in the past of acting like a dictator. Well, now the tables have turned and she is actually telling him to act like a dictator.

Earlier this week, President Trumped invoked the 1950 Defense Production Act which grants the government the power to insert themselves into the private industries in order to control the production to be sure that they can meet the demand needed as a matter of national security.

President Trump said that he is only invoking it now in case he needs it in the future, but has no plans to. Pelosi, on the other hand, is calling for Trump to exercise those dictatorial powers now.

Pelosi said:

Right now, shortages of critical medical and personal protective equipment are harming our ability to fight the coronavirus epidemic, endangering front-line workers and making it harder to care for those who fall ill. The president must immediately use the powers of the Defense Production Act to mass produce and coordinate distribution of these critical supplies, before the situation worsens and the shortages become even more dire. There is not a day to lose. We must put more testing, more production equipment and more ventilators into the hands of our frontline workers immediately.

Right now though, it's not necessary because private industry is already stepping up to the plate on their own.

According to Forbes,

General Motors Corp. Chairman and CEO Mary Barra reportedly suggested to top White House economic advisor Larry Kudlow, the automaker could build hospital ventilators while its plants are idled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking on Fox News Wednesday, Kudlow said he spoke with executives from two of the three Detroit-based automakers, then apparently alluded to Barra when he explained, “one of them told me even while the men and women may be off for two weeks due to the virus she’s gonna try to call them back so they can produce ventilators and they might even ask them to do it on a voluntary basis for civic and patriotic reasons.”

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