WATCH: Man on Meth Tries Fighting Dad with Black Belt in Jiu-Jitsu After Messing with His Daughter

Drugs have the ability to severely warp your perception of reality. Often times they will cause you to exaggerate your surroundings or your own abilities causing you to think you better at things than you really are.

As sad as it is, a girl I went to school with is constantly walking the streets and dancing and singing in gas station parking lots waiting for her big break…all because of the influence drugs are having on her.

Recently, a man who was high on meth thought it would be a good idea to mess with a young girl, but he got more than he bargained for when her dad came out. The drug addict then tried fighting the dad. What he didn't know was that her dad is a Black Belt in jiu-jitsu.

Black Belt Christopher Guarino was called on to handle the allegedly drugged-out intruder in his Florida neighborhood after the unidentified assailant reportedly bullied an elderly neighbor and then exposed himself to Guarino’s teenaged daughter.

The video, narrated by the daughter, shows Guarino working to deescalate the situation unsuccessfully as he shows his hands and says “I don’t want to fight you” to the amped-up, punch-throwing assailant. When de-escalation doesn’t work, Guarino takes the obviously altered man to the ground, gets into heavy side control, moves into mount…and then doesn’t take it any further. No ground and pound. No violence.

Guarino, a registered nurse and former Gracie Barra instructor, shared the video to his social media as an example of how to show restraint while defending one’s family. Police were called and no unnecessary injuries were sustained. (JiuJitsuTimes)

“You can’t just f*** with people!” Guarino tells the man at the end of the video after taking him to the ground.

Folks, this is a key reason why drugs are so terrible. They completely distort your reality and prevents you from really being able to make rational decisions.

If the man wouldn't have been on drugs, I'd venture to say that this isn't something that he would normally do, but meth is one of those drugs that can really take control over a person.

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