WATCH: Check Out This Very Underwhelming Joe Biden Car Parade

Somehow the polls have Joe Biden with a stranglehold on the 2020 election. This is despite little to no support in public outings by Biden.

For instance, let's take this very underwhelming Joe Biden car parade. Video of it shows 15 cars rolling through. Meanwhile, President Trump allegedly had one with 30,000 cars.

Check it out:

While people are showing little to no public enthusiasm about Joe Biden, we are supposed to believe he is going to win in a landslide? That is very hard to believe.

Every day this is more and more like 2016. Hillary Clinton had a massive lead and all saw how that went down.

Trump supporters are very vocal and the mainstream media has them very charged up to go out and vote on election day. Do we respond to text messages about the race or answer phone calls that turn out to be polls? Maybe not, but on Election Day we will be out there to vote Trump.

This Joe Biden car parade is one of many signs that the Biden base is not nearly enthusiastic enough to take down President Trump in November.

Time will tell.

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