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Mick Jagger Gets Schooled By Massive Audience After Political Quip

Footage went viral Monday of Rolling Stones rocker Mick Jagger learning exactly how his Canadian fans feel about their Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The brief moment, captured from multiple angles, opens with Jagger telling an enormous Vancouver crowd that he loves “your Mr. Trudeau.” Fans immediately replied with a low rumble of boos.

“I mean, his family’s always been such big fans of our band,” Jagger continued as the boos and jeers grew louder. The 80-year-old British singer stops his commentary, giving his fans a cheeky smile.

Jagger clearly receives the message and quickly pivots the topic to the Canadian soccer team. This seems to recover things, and the clips cut off.

It was probably smart of Jagger to avoid the Trudeau topic after hearing his fans’ feelings. I’m sure he didn’t want to get them all thrown in jail for “speech crimes” against their Prime Minister.

A March 2024 bill from Trudeau’s government could allow that. The Online Harms Act technically applies to digital content, much of it focused on protecting children.

But an analysis of the bill language shows it targets content that “foments hatred.” Call me crazy, but it sounded like most of Jagger’s Vancouver crowd were far from Trudeau supporters.

I don’t know if I’d say they hate their Prime Minister, but these videos and accompanying commentaries certainly aren’t kind about him. I wonder if the guy who yelled “Canadians hate you, you bastard!” at Trudeau while he was visiting London was in attendance.

It definitely sounded like he was.