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Trump Has His Eyes on State Not Won by a Republican in a Quarter Century

It’s been 24 years since a Republican won New Hampshire in a presidential election.

Back in 2000, then-Texas Gov. George W. Bush did it. Four years later, Bush narrowly lost New Hampshire, starting a losing streak.

Recent polls show a close race in New Hampshire. After President Biden’s tough debate performance against Trump, Republicans are hopeful.

“I firmly believe that New Hampshire is very much in play,” said Steve Stepanek, Trump’s senior adviser in the state.

But Kathy Sullivan, former state party chair, disagrees. “New Hampshire is not Trump-friendly territory,” she said. “There’s nothing changing the dynamic now in terms of Biden versus Trump in New Hampshire.”

The general election rematch has focused on seven key battleground states. These include Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, and North Carolina.

Biden won most of these states narrowly four years ago. Trump won North Carolina by a razor-thin margin.