"Jihad" Joe Biden Showed Up at the Debate…Listen Very Closely

During the first Presidential debate of 2020, President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden started attacking each other very early on.

Sparks flew, punches were thrown (metaphorically, of course), but it was an entertaining debate when Chris Wallace kept his mouth shut long enough to let them speak.

At one point during the debate, after Wallace asked President Trump about his tax returns, if you were listening closely enough, you would have heard Biden mention something that may have been indecipherable to some, but would have stood out to others.

Biden said the word "inshallah", which is an Arabic word that is translated as "Allah willing".

He used the term in a sarcastic manner to show his disbelief that the President would release more details on his taxes.

Trump has reportedly paid $750, according to the New York Times, in federal income tax in the years 2016 and 2017; though, Trump has argued that the New York Times article is fake. Questions about Trump's taxes seem to have become overshadowed by Biden's Arabic shade.

Biden's use of the word inshallah was picked up by many on social media. His Arabic word choice may have impressed some more than his lackluster debate performance. Biden's off the cuff has been seen by some as evidence of his inclusive agenda. Social media users described the inclusion of the word as a historical step forward.

Other viewers remain skeptical of Biden's intentions. Some people thought Biden was strategically using the word to gain Muslim American support in the election Other social media users thought Biden's informal use of the word was blasphemous, derogatory and dismissive.

I think one thing is quite clear from his usage of this word, he is trying to appeal to Muslims and it tells you how he's likely to be willing to be flexible on his acceptance of issues such as Sharia law in America.

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