Democratic Governor Backpedaling on Mail-In Ballots After HUGE Problem Discovered

Voters in New York became very concerned when they started receiving ballots in the mail with the incorrect names listed on the return envelopes.

This may honestly sound like one of the more minor things that we've been hearing in regards to voter fraud happening across the country, but it's still an important issue.

In fact, it's so important and such a mistake that even New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is reportedly opposing the plan to send around 100,000 new absentee votes out to residents.

When his office sent the ballots, the printing error left voters concerned as to whether the signatures not matching envelopes would mean that their votes would not count in the November election.

In New York, absentee ballots are verified via comparisons of the signatures on the ballot envelope with the ones which the board of elections have on file.

Mr. Cuomo's office told the New York Post that it was unnecessary to send out new ballots as the problem only concerned the envelopes. The Post also reports that Mr. Cuomo does not want to send out new ballots which would give President Donald Trump reason to claim voters were submitting multiple ballots. As it is, President Trump has already expressed concern about the influx of ballots sent out to voters. "They're all confused, all mixed up," President Trump said, adding that redoing the ballots could cause problems for voters who have already filled them out and mailed them back.

Gov. Cuomo's adviser Richard Azzopardi said the ballots were fine and sending out 100,000 duplicate ballots would be an "overcorrection".

New York City Board of Elections Executive Director Michael J. Ryan blamed the error on vendor Phoenix Graphics, the company contracted to print and mail the ballots to voters in the city's two largest boroughs, Brooklyn and Queens.

The mistake was made after the company scrambled voter information data because of a failure to update its software.

The Democrats should have just listened to Republicans to begin with when they started telling everyone that a massive mail-in voting system was not a good idea. Because now, even Democrats fear that cuts to the U.S. Postal Service could delay mail-in ballots and cause a lag in counting the results, or at least that's what they claim.

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