Family Claims Foul After Woman’s Death Certificate Lists COVID-19 As 'Cause of Death'

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic started, some "experts", as well as state and city leaders, have been wanting to enforce as many unreasonable measures as possible and claim it all in the name of safety.

If we could just do this for a little while to flatten the curve, then we could get back to our normal, everyday lives. You see how that's turned out, don't you?

It's almost as though the left has a running bet going on to see who could outdo each other in enacting authoritarian policies.

A primary justification the left has used to support their lockdowns, fines, and imprisonments for violating orders is the number of confirmed cases. As the case count increases, so do the calls for more stringent mitigation approaches.

However, it seems that the system is setup to incentivize case numbers, which leads to inflated counts. Throughout the pandemic, rumors have circulated about false case counts and inflated death statistics. Back in July, a man who died in a motorcycle accident was listed as a COVID fatality.

Unfortunately, these erroneous COVID deaths are still continuing. One recent example occurred in South Carolina, as a 79-year-old woman Joan Hill died without any symptoms of the coronavirus but had “COVID-19 complications” listed on her death certificate in addition to Alzheimer’s disease.

The woman’s granddaughter Kimberly Klosterman acknowledged she suffered from Alzheimer’s, but was caught off guard by the COVID-19 part of the death certificate. Local news station WIS reported,

“Klosterman and her family were shocked and upset when they received Hill’s death certificate, which lists Alzheimer’s disease and COVID-19 complications as her cause of death.

“‘That was wrong. She had never been tested before or after death, so I wasn’t sure how that could even be listed on her death certificate,’ explained Klosterman, who says her whole family was tested for the virus a few weeks prior and all received negative results.”

Klosterman later added,

“She was breathing fine; that was the last thing to go for her. Her lung function was good up until the very end, so there were zero symptoms of COVID whatsoever.”

In addition to the economic impacts of shutting down the economy and the societal impacts of designating businesses—and people—as “essential” and “non-essential,” the emotional aspects need to be weighed as well. The Klosterman family said the news of the attribution to COVID-19 was “devastating.”

I don't even know how people could still have any confidence in the numbers that we see as far as death or total cases.


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