Andrew Yang and Julia Louis-Dreyfus Make HORRENDOUS Joke During DNC About Mike Pence

Oh, the many things I could say about the Democratic National Convention. If you watched it at all, and I honestly hope you did subject yourself to it, you would know that it was a complete dumpster fire.

But one of the "highlights", if you can call it that, as when former Democratic candidate Andrew Yang and Seinfeld actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus made a very cringy attempt at humor by trying to attack Mike Pence by making fun of his name.

And by highlight, I mean that it was so stupid that it makes you laugh and cringe at the same time

During a handoff to Louis-Dreyfus at the end of Yang's speech Thursday evening, Louis-Dreyfus asked Yang what he thought about vice presidential nominee Sen. Kamala Harris's speech to the convention the night before, beginning the exchange.

"Hi, Andrew! I have to ask, what did you think about Kamala Harris’s speech last night?" she asked.

"It was tremendous," Yang responded. "I am so happy for her."

"I know, me too, she's fabulous. I cannot wait to see her debate our current vice president, Meeka Pints. Or is it Paints?" Louis-Dreyfus quipped, an apparent shot at Republicans who have at times mispronounced Harris's first name.

"It’s pronounced Pahnce, I believe," Yang shot back.

"Oh, some kind of weird foreign name?" she asked.

"Yeah not very American-sounding," said Yang.

"Yeah, that's what people are saying," Louis-Dreyfus concluded, straight-faced. "Strongly."

Take a look at this pathetic attempt at insulting the Vice President of the United States.


That's supposed to be funny. Not knowing how to pronounce a simple 5-letter word is humor now? Actually, they didn't even know how to pronounce "Mike", a common American name. I call it sad.

Imagine if a Republican would have said this about Barack Obama. There would have been complete outrage with words like "racist", "bigot", and "prejudice" being thrown around.

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