Cult-Like Worship – Thousands of White People Beg Black People for Forgiveness

Look…when it comes to all of the riots going on right now, I'd like to just say that things are starting to get out of hand. But the truth is, we're way beyond that point now.

Liberals are calling them protests, but let's call them what they are, they're riots. They are still happening. Why?

All four of the officers have been arrested and the charges have even been upgraded against the officer who had his knee on the neck of George Floyd.

Some people are indeed protesting and doing so peacefully. They have a right to do that and should do that. Protest against police brutality though, not racism or white supremacy. Most white people in the United States are NOT racist.

But what is true is that there is a real problem with police officers having a power trip and thinking that they are above the law which leads to many cases of an abuse of authority and police brutality.

Then you have two different groups of people mainly who are rioting. These are the Black Lives Matter movement and Antifa.

Antifa is really the one behind all of the organization of these riots and most of the damage done. This is what they do, they've just managed to recruit BLM into joining in.

So Antifa is rioting just for the sake of rioting. But BLM are rioting because Antifa has caused a mob mentality which has led to everything. But they are still rioting for their own cause as well.

BLM are rioting because they want revenge. They don't want justice, because the cop has been arrested and he is going through the legal process. But they don't that because they're still rioting. They want revenge.

They also want the upper hand on everyone. During a "protest" in Maryland, thousands of white people were seen groveling and begin black people for forgiveness.

I don't know what is exactly going on here or what their intent is, but it looks like a bunch of white people worshipping black people as though they are gods.

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