WATCH: Gov. Cuomo Trashes President Trump for Holding Bible and Calling for Military Action

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo did a phone interview on CNN in which he completely trashed President Trump.

As we've all seen, President Trump went to visit St. John's church in Washington D.C. after it was set on fire from the riots.

Here's what Gov. Cuomo said about Trump and his "shameful" visit:

“What the president today did, was he called out the American military against American citizens. That’s what they did. They used the American military to push back a peaceful protest which everyone watched on TV just so he could have a photo-op of walking to a church. When was the last time you saw the American military called out against Americans?”

Gov. Cuomo is a special kind of stupid. There is nothing peaceful about the events going on in New York City or any of the other major cities that are being destroyed right now. How dare he call what's going on a peaceful protest.

This just goes to show you whose side he's really on. Gov. Cuomo is an enemy of the American people and specifically an enemy of New York.

He's not going to do anything about these riots and so what's going to happen .

Gov. Cuomo in a phone interview with CNN said in response to the President's remarks that he'll send in the military if they don't handle the situation, "Thank you, but no thank you." Then he goes on to state that many of these people are peaceful protesters. What alternative reality is he living in? They've been burning down buildings and desecrating monuments and memorials there just like they have been everywhere else.

In fact, President Trump just walked in front of St. John's Church on Monday and you can see how it was damaged.

Then he later goes on to say that it's actually the peaceful protesters that are the overwhelming majority. This is idiotic and not what we're actually seeing.

These "protests" have become riots and are no longer protests once violence and vandalism starts. Any peaceful protesters need to head back home at this point because they're not part of a peaceful protest. Imagine if I'm walking with a few friends and they just start killing people left and right. I would need to leave that situation immediately and not be a part of that.

You tell me, how peaceful does this look to you? These are riots and insurrections, not peaceful protests.

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