Barbaric Animals Attack Disabled Woman in Wheelchair While Looting Store in Minneapolis

The city of Minneapolis as well have all been seeing is going through hell right now. Minneapolis is being completely destroyed as protesters turned into rioters and started looting and burning down buildings.

I completely understand their anger. I'm mad about it, too. That video absolutely infuriated me when I first saw it. This response though is not what needs to be done.

They're only hurting themselves by doing this. What is it that they want? They want justice aka they want the heads of the officers responsible because they haven't been arrested.

But they're destroying their OWN city. They are eliminating the jobs of their OWN people by setting places like Target and Autozone on fire. Even after they get justice, then what? Now your city is gone.

There were even some last night that were fighting each other and not fighting against police.

In one incident, a writer who was looting the Target in Minneapolis – over police brutality mind you – attacked a white disabled woman in a wheelchair.

The woman was blocking the doorway to try and stop looting and the looter came up behind her and started beating her in the head.

But that's not the end of it either. After being attacked by that woman, she was then attacked by someone else and then sprayed for about 6 seconds with a fire extinguisher.

I'm so disgusted at the level of hatred that these people have for each other. This woman in the wheelchair was doing the right thing by trying to prevent people from stealing and she is beaten for it.

The woman whose name is Jennifer was checked out by EMTs who told her to go home, but she seems to be alright.

In all seriousness, Minneapolis looks like an impoverished war zone right now. The city is never going to be the same again.

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