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IG Report Proves Obama Was Key Player In Russian Hoax

We know that the Spygate scandal runs deep. Very deep…and the way up to the President himself.

Let’s remember that it’s the Durham investigation that is looking into criminal part of the investigation and it’s the Inspector General report that has to do with looking into the people who behaved properly or improperly.

The question that everyone has been looking for an answer too for a while is how much did former President Barack Obama know, and when did he know it.

From the looks of things, he could have been the mastermind behind the whole operation.

Remember these text messages were released from Peter Strzok and Lisa Page?

9:41 a.m., Strzok to Lisa Page: “Checkout my 9:30 mtg on the 7th”

9:42 a.m., Lisa Page to Strzok: “I can tell you why you’re having that meeting.”

9:42 a.m., Lisa Page to Strzok: “It’s not what you think.”

9:49 a.m., Strzok to Lisa Page: “TPs [Talking Points] for D [Director]?”

9:50 a.m., Lisa Page to Strzok: “Yes be POTUS wants to know everything we are doing.”

On page 77 of the report it shows that by late July 2016, Obama had been briefed by “another US Government agency,”.

McCabe’s notes from a morning meeting with Corney and others in late July 2016 reflect that McCabe learned from Corney during the meeting that another U.S. government agency had briefed President Obama on intelligence that agency had suggesting that a RIS was engaged in covert actions to influence the U.S. presidential election in favor of Trump. McCabe told us he did not attend this White House briefing; however, based on his notes, he said he did not believe the FFG information would have been discussed during this meeting, and our review of his notes did not indicate otherwise. According to McCabe’s notes of what he had been told by Corney, President Obama stated that the FBI should think about doing

“defensive briefs.” The notes do not provide any further details about what Obama said regarding defensive briefings, and McCabe told us he did not recall that any further details were provided to him. However, McCabe said he surmised from his notes that the briefings under discussion were to be given to the Trump campaign. As more fully described in Chapter Ten, the FBI participated in ODNI strategic intelligence briefings that were provided to members of both the Trump campaign and the Clinton campaign, including the candidates, in August and September 2016. However, those were not defensive briefings and did not address the allegations contained in the FFG information.


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