Abortionist Pulls Gun on Minister, Police Refused to Arrest Him Even After Seeing Video

A Christian ministry based out of Tempe, Arizona that pleads with mothers and fathers heading into abortion clinics to end the woman’s pregnancy and as well as a life.

The ministry is called End Abortion Now and is led by the pastor of Apologia Church, Jeff Durbin. On October 10th, while one of the ministers was protesting outside of the Acacia Women’s Center in Phoenix, Dr. Ronald Yunis, drove by and pointed a gun at the man who was trying to speak to him and hand him some brochures.

Then entire encounter was clearly captured on video and was immediately reported and turned it into the Phoenix Police Department. After one week the police had yet to do anything at all, so they were called out to the location while the abortionist was there.

After coming to the location, watching the video, and receiving testimony from multiple eyewitnesses, the police still refused to arrest the man.

Finally, later that day that the police were called, 4 hours later to be exact, the doctor was arrested.

According to Fox 10 Phoenix,

A Phoenix doctor is in custody after being accused of pointing a gun at protesters outside of his clinic.

The exchange took place on Thursday, October 10 and was caught on camera by a pro-life protester’s body camera…

…In a slow motion version of the video, it’s clear the gun is being pulled up and pointed toward the window for a few seconds before the car drove away.

The protesters are glad an arrest was finally made, but still believe it took too long.

“To be fair, if one of our people out here had brandished and pulled a weapon on the abortionist, I would expect the person to be arrested and I want the same for him,” Durbin said.

What really got the police to respond and arrest Yunis was not from them being called out there and seeing the video, but that the video below went viral and they were now being held accountable.

Still, the man was only being arrested on suspicion of aggravated assault. Also, a handgun was found in his vehicle during the arrest.


Help Us: Abortionist Pulls Gun on Minister

Help Us: Abortionist Pulls Gun on MinisterWe need your help. A Phoenix abortion doctor, Dr. Ronald Yunis, pulled out his gun and pointed this deadly weapon at Elvis Kesto (a man who has saved many children). The Phoenix Police Department did not respond to the witnesses and to the video after a week of the report. They were called again. They still won't. You are now a witness to the crime. Please, join us in contacting the #PhoenixPolice and demanding the arrest of Ronald Yunis. This is a serious injustice that needs to be addressed. You can help us. Help us to get this video to every major media platform. Share this. Help us to expose this man and the inaction and injustice of the Phoenix Police Department. Use the hashtag #ArrestYunis

Posted by Apologia Studios on Friday, October 18, 2019