Veteran Stands Up to California Government, Warns That Good Citizens ‘Aren’t Going To Be Peaceful Much Longer’

All across the country, we're beginning to see liberty-loving Americans stand up against tyranny.

Even in California, it looks like citizens are banding together and speaking out against the dictators running the states.

These so-called leaders are demanding that they stop with all of their harsh restrictions that are severely limited their day-to-day lives and preventing many people from putting food on the table for their family.

One California military veteran confronted his county government telling them that Americans aren't going to continue to sit back idly much longer while this country is being driven into the ground by terrorists and tyrannical leaders.

“I’m telling you right now, that right now we are being peaceful. And you better be happy that we are good citizens, that we are peaceful citizens. But it’s not going to be peaceful much longer. This isn’t a threat. I’m not a criminal. I’ve never been a criminal. But I’m telling you, good citizens are going to turn into real concerned and revolutionary citizens real soon.”

“And nobody else is going to say that. I’m probably the only person that has the balls to see what I’m saying right now. We are building, we are organizing, and will work with law-enforcement or without law-enforcement. But you won’t stop us when the time comes because our families are starving. I hope you open your ears, and you absolutely listen to what I’m saying because this is a warning for what’s coming. It’s not going to be peaceful much longer. It’s not going to be ra-ra, it’s not going to be speeches, it’s not going to be gathering outside saying the Pledge of Allegiance, it’s not going to be waving flags, it’s going to be real.”

“If it has to be against our own citizens, it will happen. And there is 1 million people like me. And you won’t stop us. Open the county. Let our citizens do what they need to do. Let owners of businesses do what they need to do to feed their families. Take the masks off. Quit masking and muzzling your children. The psychological damage you’re doing to them is horrible. I’ve had six friends kill themselves since it has happened. Veterans who have lost their jobs. How do you feel about being complicit in perpetuating that?”

I'm willing to guess that there are well more than a million people who are feeling the same way that he is. Just like we saw in 2016, there is a silent majority that supports our President.

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