5 Questions About Coronavirus Answered – Here's What You Should Know

Along with some good and helpful information being spread, there is just as equally BAD information being spread.

Some of the information that I've been looking for has been difficult to find, so when I finally found the answers I was looking for, I thought I'd provide them here for you as well, because I know many others are looking for these answers as well.

What are the ages of the people who have died in the United States so far?

According to the U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams, the average age of people dying from the virus in the U.S. is 80 years old.

  • 31 Washington State elderly. That includes 27 in King County, (22 at the same elderly nursing facility in Kirkland), three in Snohomish county, and one in Grant County, a patient in their 80s.
  • 4 California elderly: A woman in assisted living in her 90s, a hospitalized woman Santa Clara in her 60s, an “elderly man” in assisted living, and a 71-year-old man with underlying health conditions who’d been on a Grand Princess cruise ship.
  • 2 Florida residents in their 70s who had traveled overseas.
  • 1 New Jersey diabetic man, 69, who suffered two cardiac arrests.
  • 1 South Dakota man aged 60-69, with "underlying medical conditions”
  • 1 Georgia man, 67, with “underlying medical conditions”

*These numbers figured prior to new deaths over the weekend.

As you can see, the deaths have been the elderly, whether that brings you comfort or concern I don't know, but it should at least give you the information you need to make the right decisions about what to do.

You'll also notice for the most part that those who were younger (60s) who died had underlying medical conditions already. Over half of the deaths in the U.S. so far from coronavirus come from a single nursing facility.

How many people are currently infected with coronavirus?

At the time of this writing, there are approximately 64,000 people worldwide with the coronavirus with only about 1,700 of those being in the United States.

How is China doing now with the virus since it started there and spread so quickly?

Of the approximately 81,000 cases that were seen in China so far, only about 13,000 are currently sick with the virus. Of those 81,000 cases, 64,000 have already recovered.

How likely am I to get coronavirus?

Your odds are actually low. The odds right now, based on total cases in the U.S. is about 0.00126% that you'll get it. As the virus spreads that number will go up, but it's still a low number. According to Dr. Oz, just washing your hands regularly can reduce your odds by 50%.

Even right now in Italy, only 0.046% of people have been infected by the virus, and they have the highest number of cases per million people.

Your odds of dying from it are even lower. At this point, you've probably got a better chance of winning the lottery than you do of dying from the coronavirus.

Why are so many in Italy getting infected?

Italy's population is largely made up of older people. They have the oldest population in all of Europe. Most of the deaths in Italy, like the U.S., have been people in their 80s and 90s.

Also, Italy is part of China's silk road project and has a lot of contact with people from China.

I hope this helps to ease your mind a bit and informs you better.

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