Hypocritical Megachurch Suspends Faith Healing at Hospitals Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

One of the largest churches in the country is Bethel Church in Redding, California. They hold a weekly attendance of around 9,000 people. That's much bigger than my church of a few hundred.

The sad thing though is that churches of this magnitude are often havens for heretical teachings and impractical practices. Bethel Church is no exception to this rule.

Bethel Church is large enough that they have two separate locations where they hold their services. They also hold an online service as well. Outside of that, they have a parachurch ministry which they call a "supernatural ministry" where they "literally" teach people how to lay hands on people to heal them as well as cast out demons. Maybe they learn to raise the dead, too? I don't know.

Churches like this are no better than crooks like Benny Hinn or Creflo Dollar who have made millions upon millions of dollars off of people who don't understand true biblical teaching.

Well, this may come as a surprise to some, but Bethel is canceling their faith healing ministry in light of the new coronavirus outbreak.

You would think that at a time like this, they would be on the front lines right?

Aaron Tesauro who is one of the spokesmen for Bethel said, “Though we believe in a God who actively heals today, students are not being encouraged to visit healthcare settings at this time, and moreover, are taught that even under normal circumstances, they must receive permission from both the facility and the individual before engaging in prayer.”

According to Christian Post,

An unidentified Redding woman told The Sacramento Bee on Saturday that on Jan. 31, two Bethel students approached her in the emergency room at Mercy Medical Center in Redding and said “they would pray over the people there and put Jesus in their hearts and this would heal us all and we didn’t need to stay at the ER and could go home.”

She said she later filed a complaint with the hospital alleging that one of the students had touched her 5-year-old daughter without her consent.

I believe God still heals people today, but this isn't the way it's done.

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