WATCH: Portland Man Hits Woman With a Saw, Bystanders Call Cops Racist for Arresting Him

It's painfully clear that Portland is going down the toilet and going fast. If I didn't know any better, I'd say that Mayor Tim Wheeler is purposefully trying to flush it.

It really does look like he's allowing it all to happen as though this is what he wants.

But just to show you had bad of a mayor he is, he's a liberal mayor and even the liberals want him out of office.

They have been rioting for nearly two months now and the feds have sent in agents to get things under control since Mayor Wheeler can't do it. Now that the feds are there they have released a list of demands and one of them is the resignation of Mayor Wheeler.

But don't look at it the wrong way, these people are still idiots.

Just recently, a man walked into a laundromat and started swinging a handsaw at two women who were there hitting them with it. Police were then called and what did bystanders do? Well, they did was any idiot liberal would do and accused the police arresting the man of being racist.

Why? Because he's a black man and black men can't do anything wrong apparently.

According to Ngo, police pursued the man, who had obviously just committed a heinous crime. What was the response? Bystanders gathered around the officers screaming at them that they were racist for trying to make the arrest.

We’ve entered the twilight zone, or at least large parts of the country have. When it’s now racist for police to arrest someone who just committed a violent crime minutes beforehand, what exactly even is the standard at this point? Never arrest anyone non-white again? That might seem ludicrous, but that’s actually part of the argument we are hearing from the intersectional left. They say that because the system is “racist,” people are corrupted by that system to commit crimes, therefore the system is still to blame and not the individual. It’s how you get mayors across the country letting violent criminals back out onto the streets under the ridiculous notion that they were simply oppressed and will do fine now.


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