WATCH: Jim Jordan Tear Jerry Nadler A New One After Denying Existence of ANTIFA

The Democrats continue to blow my mind, almost on a daily basis.

Some of the garbage that spews out of their mouths is just completely ridiculous. Take Rep. Jerry Nadler for instance. He claimed that ANTIFA doesn’t even exist

On Thursday last week, Rep. Nadler said ANTIFA was an “imaginary thing” while speaking on the floor of the House of Representatives during a debate over a Democrat-sponsored police reform bill.

This time it seems Rep. Nadler is the one spewing “errant nonsense.” Thankfully, Nadler’s craziness did not go unnoticed. Rep. Jim Jordan rightfully called out the absurdity in calling ANTIFA “imaginary” as seen in the video clip below. Ironically, in communicating his disbelief about the statement, some of Rep. Jordan’s tweets about the ordeal used the popular #Antifa hashtag.

Both Nadler and Jordan are on the U.S. House Committee on the Judiciary (Nadler is the chair and Jordan the minority leader), whose responsibility is to ensure our federal courts properly administer justice. It’s telling that the top official in the House responsible for overseeing the proper administration of justice calls a real threat—like ANTIFA—as imaginary, but saw fit to help lead the way in the House’s sham impeachment proceedings.

Rep. Nadler’s “imaginary” comment occurred during debates over H.R. 7120, the so-called George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. The fact that Rep. Nadler made such a comment minimizing a genuine menace to society during debate over H.R. 7120 does not exactly instill confidence over the quality of the legislation.

The “imaginary” comment comes just days after the U.N. expressed solidarity with ANTIFA. Not long before this, several on the left had compared ANTIFA to allied forces liberating Europe during WWII. It seems the left is still trying to figure out which message to communicate regarding their recognition as support of the violent group.

It’s frankly unbelievable, but not unlike the Democrats to make such a stupid claim like this. It’s like denying that Black Lives Matter exists. ANTIFA is seen in many places and have attacked many people and places.

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