Ted Cruz Shuts Chris Cuomo Down During EPIC Interview

Senator Ted Cruz has been making the rounds on mainstream media in order to promote his newest book titled, "One Vote Away: How a Single Supreme Court Seat Can Change History".

He's not afraid to go on the extremely liberal shows either, which is why we're also seeing him on ABC's "The View" and now "Cuomo Prime Time", knowing that they're going to be attacking him.

But he's a smart man and he knows that the attention is helpful even if they're attacking him.

Chris Cuomo is…well, Chris Cuomo and you know how much he hates the President, so the interview he did with Sen. Cruz turned into a segment of Cuomo attacking President Trump almost immediately.

Cuomo’s refusal to discuss the book led to a sustained argument in which Cuomo repeatedly interrupted Cruz, finally triggering an exasperated Cruz to snap, “Donald Trump broke you guys … your entire show, your entire network now is just how much you hate Trump.”

Additionally, Cuomo consistently patronized Cruz by derisively referring to him as “my brother,” and even had the temerity, when Cruz remarked after being interrupted countless times, “Let me actually get a sentence without interrupting me,” to answer, “I think you’ve gotten many, sir. I’ll show you the tabulation of who spoke and how much in the segment later.”

My favorite part of the argument was when Cruz called out Cuomo and the Democrats on their response after President Trump took early action against the virus.

CRUZ: All right, you want to talk about the President specifically, Chris?

CUOMO: –when they were all Democratic?

CRUZ: You want to talk about the President specifically? Was it the right decision or the wrong decision when the President halted air travel into and out of China?

CUOMO: Right decision. Should have done it sooner.

CRUZ: It was the right decision, even–

CUOMO: And should have not let 40,000 people repatriate. Next question?

CRUZ: OK. OK. So, I agree with you on that. I called for him to do it the day before he did it.

CUOMO: Next question?

CRUZ: But Joe Biden denounced it as racist and xenophobic.

CUOMO: No, he didn’t. No, he didn’t.

CRUZ: Yes, he did.

CUOMO: No, he didn’t.

CRUZ: And Nancy Pelosi that week–

CUOMO: I’ll be you – I’ll bet you dinner.

CRUZ: –brought up a vote–

CUOMO: I’ll bet you dinner Biden didn’t denounce it.

CRUZ: –in the House, where – for Democrats to stop the ban.

CUOMO: I’ll bet you dinner that Biden didn’t say that. You were right about Pelosi. And it was a bad move.

CRUZ: He most certainly did.

CUOMO: You’re wrong. You’re right about Pelosi.

CRUZ: He most certainly did it, and by the way–

CUOMO: And it was a bad move.

The video keeps getting deleted from YouTube, and it's obvious why. Hopefully, this video below will still be around by the time you see this article.

The Daily Wire

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