Suspicion CONFIRMED: Florida Man Who Plowed Through Tent of Republicans Admits Why He Did It

I think we already knew this news but we now have an official reason for why the man who drove his van into a tent of Trump supporters at a Walmart in Florida did so.

It was politically motivated, just as we suspected.

The police report states that he does not like President Trump and felt like he had to do something about it.

Here is a portion of the description of the incident from the police report:

"The suspect [REDACTED] because "someone had to take a stand." He stated that he went to the Walmart at 11900 Atlantic Blvd. to get some food and noticed the tent set up in the parking lot. He advised that after he got his food and pack of cigarettes he went near the tent and parked. He willingly showed a video to us on his phone that was him talking prior to driving into the tent. He was a few aisles over in the parking lot.

The suspect then showed another video to us of him driving towards the tent with the victims standing in front of the tent. The video cuts out prior to him actually striking the tent. He stated that [REDACTED] although the video showed people standing in front of the tent, so he could go run everything over.

The suspect was upset that the video ended before "the good part" as he described it. The suspect advised that he does not like President Trump and that is part of [REDACTED]. He advised the other reason was because "it's like someone sh***ing on your grave" as the other reason."

Chairman Dean Black Statement on New Information Regarding Political Attack on Trump Volunteers“It is high time that…

Posted by Republican Party of Duval County on Tuesday, February 11, 2020

The six volunteers working in the tent escaped without injury when the van accelerated through it, knocking over tables and chairs. Timm then exited the van, took out his phone and “flipped them off” before driving away, the victims told deputies.

Timm willingly showed deputies video of him speaking to volunteers prior to the incident, and another that abruptly ends before the van strikes the tent, according to the report. Deputies described Timm as “upset” that the video ended before what he called “the good part.” (Fox News)

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