Largest Mass Shooting of 2020 Happen Over the Weekend and No One Is Talking About It

Over the weekend, the largest mass shooting of the year took place and I bet that you haven't heard a word about it.

21 people were shot in Washington, D.C., one of whom was killed. How is it that the media isn't all over this story?

Tucker Carlson at least covered the story since he has the number one cable news program in the country, the word will get out some.

Here's a portion of what Carlson said about the incident:

"Members of Congress didn't lock arms on the house floor to demand an end to the gun violence. Cnn didn't book a procession of weepy teenage gun control activists or extended town hall meetings. News organizations barely touched the story and when they did they moved on fast.

It wouldn't help the Biden campaign to talk about it so they didn't talk about it. As far as we can tell neither CNN nor MSNBC even mentioned it today. 21 people shot in a group in our capital city and they act like it didn't happen. But it did happen. We're showing it to you on the screen right now.

21 African Americans shot by gunmen, yet the media spent all weekend telling you about how Simon Cowell fell off his electric bike in Malibu, because really, black lives matter.

It's grotesque but it's now the rule, dead bodies don't count unless they are politically useful dead bodies."

Has it not just become completely obvious that this is in fact the case? Do liberals not see this? I can see it as clearly as I can see the sun in the sky on a bright sunny day.

I know liberals are completely and willingly ignorant of stuff like this, but surely deep down they know what is really going on.

Either way, we just need to pray that God would turn this country around quickly and deliver us from all the evil going on right now.

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