Florida Man Forced To Remove His Trump Flag, What He Did Next Showed Every What He Thought (VIDEO)

Liberals, who used to be the party who was all about preaching tolerance and acceptance, now hates and attacks anyone who has a view that differs from their own.

They're not willing to reason and actually listen to a counter-argument, they just want to shout at you or even harm you now.

One way this has become apparent is that colleges always have students who are protesting conservative speakers anytime that they are scheduled to speak at their campus.

A Florida man got his own taste of this liberal "tolerance" after he decided to show his support by flying a Trump flag on his boat. Apparently, his neighbors were triggered after seeing a patriotic American and complained to the boat club, forcing him to take down the flag.

But he didn't let that shatter his patriotism.

Carlos Gavidia of Jupiter, Florida got a star-spangled wrapping around the outside of his boat, with the name “TRUMP” in capital letters along the side.

Some friends shot video of Gavidia showing off the new design — and President Trump responded.

“Very cool. Please thank him!” the president tweeted on Saturday.

Gavidia seemed surprised by the attention and tweeted,

“Omg this is me!!! #MAGA,” he wrote, after the president’s son, Eric Trump, retweeted the video earlier this month. Gavidia added on another tweet, "Thank you for posting!! This is my boat and I."

Gavidia was not alone in facing resistance when trying to display the Trump name. According to FoxNews, Florida anti-Trumpers have been extremely active this year.

Back in February a U.S. Navy veteran Lendon Bendix of Florida said his “Trump 2020” flag was stolen over the weekend and said on “Fox & Friends First” on Thursday that he never could have "dreamed" it would happen.

“To have something like this happen is just crazy,” he added.

Sheriff’s deputies in Florida are investigating after surveillance video captured two people walking up to the flag pole on Bendix’s front yard, Fox 35 reported, adding that the people are seen grabbing the flag and pulling on it. Once the suspects grab the flag, they are seen on video running away.

Fox News

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