"You're Going To Jail!" Watch As KFC Customer Wrestles Young Punk Who Pulled A Knife To The Ground

No matter where you go in the world, you'll find stupid everywhere. It's not just an American occurrence.

While waiting for his food at a KFC restaurant in Manchester, England, Zaviea Leaff was threatened by a young man threatened to stab another man for no reason whatsoever.

According to Daily Mail,

Mr. Leaff says he'd gone into the restaurant in Urmston, Manchester, on Thursday afternoon with a friend to order some food when the teenager asked: "What you looking at?"

I wasn't staring at anyone,' he said.

I was actually just looking at the menu and wondering if they'd got my order wrong.

But he kept on staring at me and asking me why I was looking at him.

So I walked over and asked him what the problem was and he said: 'Go and sit down or I'll stick one in you.'

I'm not the type to back down but the next thing he did was reach for a knife.

It was really scary but I think my survival instinct just kicked in.

I couldn't believe he was prepared to pull a knife in the middle of KFC over nothing.'

Mr Leaff's friend punched the teenager as he went to reach for the knife in his pocket.


Mr. Leaff can be seen in the video throwing the man to the ground and keeping him pinned down as another gentleman helps until authorities arrive.

The punk kid, who doesn't seem so tought anymore tries apologizing to Leaff, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do it". What an idiot! He really expects Leaff to believe that he accidentally pulled out a knife and threatened to stab him with it? That's completely absurd. The punk thought he was tough since he had a knife, but he ended up learning the hard way how wrong he was.