Border Patrol Council VP Calls BS on AOC

You’ll Never Guess What AOC Said She Would Ban in the Green New Deal

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has said some of the wildest things in the past.

It’s difficult to say whether or not this one should be at the very top of the list because she has really said a lot of dumb things.

Ocasio-Cortez literally believes that she can ban hurricanes with her Green New Deal plan.

As Tropical Storms/Hurricanes Marco and Laura are hitting the US Gulf Coast, she thinks that this is all a problem that is solvable, and she has the solution. At the time of this writing, both storms are expected to slam into Louisiana, west of New Orleans. Laura is expected to turn into a hurricane later.

Marco is being forecast to make landfall around 7 PM and is currently a category 1 hurricane. Laura is being forecasted to enter the Gulf of Mexico on Monday and it is expected to turn into a hurricane.

But don’t worry, because AOC is here, and she thinks she can ban hurricanes.

Yes, the Green New Deal that would move the entire US economy to 100% renewable energy sources by 2030. What could possibly go wrong?

Just look at what happened in California earlier this month because of their “green energy policies.” The State experienced blackouts during a heatwave. Governor Gavin Newsom admitted the state needs to “sober up” that renewable energy sources haven’t generated enough power for the state during peak demand.

“This next few days, we are anticipating being challenged,” Newsom said during the heatwave. “We failed to predict and plan these shortages,” Newsom admitted boldly, “and that’s simply unacceptable.” He said he took responsibility for the crisis, and for addressing it immediately, so that “we never come back into this position again.”

Andrew Follett who used to track hurricanes hit back at AOC’s claim about hurricanes. Follett used science – real science not Democrat “science” – to show that climate change would probably lead to “fewer hurricanes and reduce the number that make landfall.”

I have a question, and the answer will easily determine whether or not AOC can “ban” hurricanes.

Did hurricanes exist hundreds of years ago? If the answer is yes, then it’s case closed. Before there were billions of people on the planet, before cars, electricity, mass burning of fossil fuels, etc. there were hurricanes. We don’t control them.


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