With Impeachment Scam Failing, Pelosi Tries Extorting Votes From Dems

In the last election, 31 seats in the House were lost to Democrats that could have, and should have been won by Republicans.

It's not as though these were predominantly Democratic districts either. These were districts that were won by Donald Trump. Sadly enough, those 31 seats going to Democrats was enough to give the Democrats the majority in the House.

One strategy that these Democrats employed to pick up those seats was claiming that they would work bipartisanly with President Trump. You can see how that's been going, can't you? House Democrats have only given the President a hard time making it extremely difficult to do his job.

Rather than working with the President, they've been supporting the ideas of the radical left to demand impeachment inquiry, even against Nancy Pelosi's wishes. I firmly believe that she knows this whole impeachment deal going to fail, but things are so out of control, all she can do is try to keep the left happy and hope for the best. She's essentially said, "Have it your way."

But even with the impeachment inquiry going nowhere, things are looking up for Trump and down for the Democrats. In fact, he raised a whopping $3.1 Million during the impeachment hearing!

Ronna McDaniel tweeted some stats showing that Americans are supporting the President:

We’ve been polling our 2020 target states each week, and since Pelosi’s charade started:

*@realDonaldTrump’s approval is up

*opposition to hearings among DEMOCRATS is up 6 pts

*Biden’s unfavorability is up 10 pts

Americans are not buying the attacks on POTUS!

What Pelosi is trying to do now is push for a vote for the USMCA so that those 31 who won seats in the last election can look good for their districts. They could basically say, "See look what I've done." Pelosi knows she needs to keep those seats Democrat so she is pushing it the vote because Democrats are losing their support base very quickly.

According to Illicit Info,

Two sources who have asked to remain anonymous because they aren’t authorized to speak on Pelosi’s behalf have confirmed to PC that the Speaker knows this and is attempting to extort pro-impeachment votes from the 31 at-risk Dems by bringing USMCA to the floor where it has been expected to pass easily – as was expected since it was submitted by the Trump administration well over a year ago.

The desperation to remove Trump, apparently by any means necessary, suggests that Pelosi, along with the Democrat hierarchy are afraid of what else Trump’s Make America Great Again presidency is going to expose.