What You Should Know About the Killing of Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta (FULL VIDEO)

Here we are once again with another man who was killed by the police.

Some will say it was justified, some will disagree, and still, others haven't watched the video or do not want to see it. If you fall into that last category, this article will help you greatly.

I took it upon myself to watch the entire video of the incident. It is a long video, 43 minutes to be exact and I thought that it would be best to help you at least understand what happened in this incident before the media tries to brainwash us.

I'll do my best to keep it short and sweet and to the point.

Police got a 911 call about a man who was parked and passed out in his car in the middle of a drive-thru at Wendy's in Atlanta, GA. When police showed up, the first officer who arrived went up to Rayshard Brooks and knocked on his window to try to get his attention. After this didn't work, the officer opened the car door so he could speak to him and get him to wake up.

The officer told Brooks to pull over to one of the parking spots and take a nap. The whole thing was pretty mellow.

After Brooks still doesn't move his vehicle and instead starts to go back to sleep, the officer once again approaches him, this time he does go move his car. When he does, he drives it too far into the parking spot and hits the curb. The officer laughs and whispers to himself, "He's f***ing wasted."

To sum up what happens for the next 35 minutes: the officer talks to him some more, a second officer shows up and asks him some questions and has him do a field sobriety test.

Brooks has NO IDEA where he is. His story continually changes about how much he's had to drink and other small details. It's apparent that he had been under the influence of something and the autopsy shows that his BAC was .108 which is above the legal driving limit of .08.

At the end of the video, they decide to arrest Brooks and he fights back against them, takes one of the officers' taser, runs away, and points it back at an officer. Then the officer shoots Brooks twice in the back which kills him.

There was no need to deadly force. Nobody's life was at risk except for Brooks.

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