We Told You So! – Transgender "Woman" Convicted of Sexually Assaulting 10-year-old Girl in Bathroom

Michelle Martinez who is a "transgender woman", who in the real world and not fantasy land is actually a man by the name of Miguel Martinez, was found guilty of first and second-degree sexual abuse of a minor was convicted last week of sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl inside a bathroom.

He is now facing up to 70 years in prison for the attack.

Fox News reported,

Martinez, who is a family friend, invited the girl into the bathroom of a home on March 23, and touched her breasts and genitalia before penetrating her. The girl told her mother immediately after the assault, who then reported it to Casper Police.

After the attack, the girl told police "it hurt inside,” according to the Casper Star Tribune.

Nurses at the Wyoming Medical Center performed a sexual assault exam on the minor and found redness and abrasions around the girl’s genitalia.

When police initially questioned Martinez about the assault, she became “noticeably hostile and defensive” and said the girl was “talking crap” before denying being a child molester. Martinez also called the accusations a “publicity stunt,” the Tribune reported.

Isn't this exactly what conservatives warned would happen when you let penises into the women's bathroom? Didn't we tell you?

These people are mentally sick and when you institute ridiculous laws like these, there is nothing in the way to stop them from entering the bathroom and entering more than that.

Men who think that they are women are literally suffering from some sort of mental illness. In no possible way can a person change their DNA in such a fashion to alter their chromosomes from XY to XX. Therefore, a man can NOT become a woman. Gender and sex are not separate things.

I can't be a woman any more than I can be a tiger, or a rock, or a carrot.

So when you put perverts in a situation where they can do something like it, you can expect it to happen. That doesn't mean that it's always going to happen, but is it something you want to take a risk on?