WATCH: WHO Official Get’s Called Out and Fakes Internet Connection Failure

One of the United Nation's World Health Organization's senior officials was caught faking an internet connection failure.

While a reporter from Radio Television Hong Kong was conducting an interview with Bruce Aylward who is the senior advisor to Tedros Adhanom who is the Director of the World Health Organization.

Aylward was asked if the WHO would reconsider its current relationship with Taiwan in light of the current world wide pandemic.

“Will the WHO reconsider Taiwan’s membership?” the reporter asked.

Aylward completely ignores the questions and stares at his camera for then says, “I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear your question.”

OK. No big deal. It's the internet, things like that happen, right? So the reporter then tries to restate the question, but Aylward pulls a complete jerk move and says, “No, that’s OK. Let’s move to another one then.” 


But the reporter, not willing to let him off the hook that easily tries once again to ask the question saying she is really curious to talk with Taiwan and see how they responded to the coronavirus. Aylward then ended the Skype call.

The reporter called Aylward back and continued to press him about Taiwan. The Canadian doctor refused to admit Taiwan existed and ended the interview.

“Well, we’ve already talked about China,” Aylward said. “And you know, when you look across all the different areas of China, they’ve actually all done quite a good job. So, with that, I’d like to thank you very much for inviting us to participate, and good luck as you go forward with the battle in Hong Kong.”

Taiwan is actually excluded from the WHO because of China.

But Taiwan has been on point with their response to the coronavirus outbreak and even alerted the UN organization back in December that the coronavirus was being transmitted from humans to humans.

The WHO, however, ignored Taiwan and in mid-January published China’s lie that the virus was not being transmitted from person to person.

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