WATCH: What A Sham, Pelosi Caught Making Joke After "Somber" George Floyd Stunt

During a symbolic moment of silence to remember George Floyd by the Congressional Democrats, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was busted when she was caught making a joke after a 

In the video Pelosi kneels in silence to honor George Floyd, then she couldn’t get up, was stuck kneeling, called for an aide to help, cracked a joke, and started laughing.

Benny Johnson tweeted,

Pelosi kneels for somber moment of silence to honor George Floyd.
Here is what happens immediately after:
– Pelosi can’t get up
– Pelosi is stuck kneeling
– Pelosi calls for an aide to help
– Pelosi cracks joke about her heels
– Pelosi giggles

Real somber

I mean, wasn't the point of this supposedly to have a somber moment to reflect on the death of an innocent man?

Schumer was bragging about the little stunt earlier in the day as he responded to Pelosi's tweet.

"WATCH: Senate and House Democrats are coming together to unveil the #JusticeInPolicing Act to end police brutality, hold police accountable, improve transparency in policing, and create meaningful, structural change."

The stunt didn’t go over very well with liberals, Keeanga – Yamahtta T. a civil rights activist didn’t appreciate the gesture.

Krystal Ball, who is actually a liberal wasn’t fooled by this hypocritical charade either.

She tweeted, "Embarrassing performative display which no one will fail to see through."

Congressman Steve Scalise summarized perfectly what the Democrats are really trying to do.

The Radical Left's Agenda:
→ Defund ICE
→ Defund Border Patrol
→ Defund the Department of Homeland Security

And now they want to defund the police.

What's next? No laws at all?

I guess one good thing that would come from this is that there isn't going to be anyone out there to take our guns away from us. We'll be walking down the streets with them as a common every day thing.

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