WATCH: Video Shows the Moment Biden Supporter Gets Red-Pilled

This video is going to make your day, I know it made mine when I first watched it.

What you’re about to witness is exactly what happens when a supporter of Joe Biden gets presented with hard evidence.

Most of the time they ignore facts and reality and just support their candidate no matter what.

But what happens when it’s on video? Well, that happened to a Biden supporter in Los Angeles last week when he decided to confront a group of Armenian Trump supporters calling him a racist.

One of the young men told him about when Biden made the claim during an interview with “Charlamagne tha god” that if you don’t know whether you’re for Biden or Trump, “then you ain’t black.”

The Biden supporter didn’t believe it and told the young man that if he showed him that, he would rip up his poster he was holding for Biden. “He didn’t say that! Show me and I’ll tear this [poster] up!”

Another individual pulled out his phone and showed the man the video, you could tell that he was very surprised.

Take a look at the video. The moment when he hears what Biden says is priceless. You can tell he wasn’t expecting that.

This is a perfect example of why we need to get out there and explain this to people. They literally only know what CNN or MSNBC tell them to believe. You know they didn’t cover this when he said it because they know it would make Biden look bad.

Believe it or not, I read about a Trump supporter who ran into a Clinton supporter a couple of weeks ago that had no idea about Benghazi. How can someone not know about what happened about Benghazi after all these years? I’ll tell you how, by buying into whatever the mainstream media is selling.

But this time around, I think there have been a lot more people awakened to the liberals’ game and how the media is purposely dividing us.

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