WATCH: Tucker Carlson Goes Toe to Toe with New Jersey Governor Over COVID-19 Lockdown

Many people in the United States are being forced to give up their civil right for some temporary safety. Count Tucker Carlson among those questioning this process.

Calrson is pushing back against the process that many political leaders are using to battle this pandemic.

He asked New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy for data points and specific rationale that led to his state's complete restriction of activities.

Liquor stores have been deemed essential and remain open while religious meetings are shut down.

People are being arrested for sitting home alone on a park bench. Carlson just wants to know what the thought process is when these decisions were being made.

At first people were being forced to stay home to "flatten the curve" and make sure there were enough hospital beds for people who are sick. Now that there are enough beds the decision makers have moved on to the need for a vaccine before reopening our country.

It's very reasonable for Americans to be kept "in the know" when it comes to why all of our freedoms are being taken away. The Constitution isn't completely voided because some people are sick.

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