WATCH: Trump Votes Count Reduced Live on TV…Not Just Once or Twice

Over the past few weeks, you may have seen a video about this or at least have read about it.

You know about the fraudulent numbers and how votes were taken away from President Trump on the night of the election and the nights after.

But did you know that it actually happened on live TV? It actually happened at least six times live and in four different states.

In Pennsylvania, we know that it happened on at least three different occasions.

In the first instance, the vote count for President Trump went from 1,690,589 to 1,670,631. This is a difference of 19,958.

Coincidentally, Joe Biden's vote count increased by…yep, you guessed it, 19,958 votes. The exact number that disappeared from President Trump's count.

The second time was a little more subtle with only a 666 vote difference from 2,805,950 to 2,805,284 for the President.

The third time it happened was even less at only a 149 vote difference.

I hope that no one says at this point, "Oh, it's only 149 votes," and forget the others. It shouldn't happen one single time.

In Georgia, there was a 700 vote decrease in President Trump's count.

The one that happened in Virginia is REALLY strange.

What you'll see first is an increase for both candidates. Biden's count increased by 426,921 votes and President Trump's increases by 121,090. There's no way those numbers are accurate in the first place, but let's forget that for a minute. The vote counts go from 1,457,933 to 1,884,854 for Biden and 1,517,158 to 1,638,248 for President Trump.

Then those exact same numbers were taken away from the both of them.

Why is this one a big deal? Because it shouldn't have happed. How would they correct the numbers? There shouldn't be anything to correct because the results are automatically tied in.

Then, here you can see this mess happening in Florida as well. President Trump's count decreases by over 12,000 while Biden's shoots up by over 17,000.

I've still not heard anyone try and offer a valid explanation for this.

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