WATCH: State Department Official Leaves CNN Anchor Speechless After DESTROYING Her Argument

Morgan Ortagus is Spokesperson for the United States Department of State. She appeared on an interview with libtard CNN anchor Becky Anderson and shut her down completely. 

In fact, she left her speechless.

It’s very likely that Anderson was just spewing lines that were being fed to her and doesn’t actually know anything about what she was saying, or she was just lying. That wouldn’t be surprising either given that it is, after all, CNN.

Check out the transcript below:

CNN: “The United States does seem to be almost completely isolated when it comes to its position on Iran at present. U.S. allies in Europe, in the Middle East where I am, and in Asia are calling for de-escalation or are virtually silent. There is almost no support for U.S. actions. Where are America’s allies at this point?”

Ortagus: “With all due respect that is just another completely inaccurate observation. You could look at the E3 statement this morning that was put out by the Germans, the British, and the French.”

Ortagus: “We [meaning the United States] have talked about the need for de-escalation. We have called for a peaceful resolution. The president has consistently said that he does not want a war, that we believe we can solve our differences bilaterally. There are two things this president has consistently said since the beginning of his administration: that he wants peace, that he doesn’t want war, and that Iran will not get a nuclear weapon. Those two things are not mutually inconsistent.”

Ortagus: “Your audience should know and should go back and read the E3 statement put out by the Germans, the French, the British that contradicts what you just said to me, because it completely contradicts you.”

(Here what the E3 statement says)

CNN: “Hold on. Hold on a minute. Mike Pompeo said he was disappointed with the Europeans’ reaction. What did he mean by that?”

Ortagus: “He said that on Friday night, and there’s a brand-spanking-new statement this morning from the E3 that we’re quite pleased with, and that you can go and Google right now.”

In the end, Anderson was left speechless and it happened once again at the end of the interview so she just ended it there.

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