Obama Exasperated by Democratic 2020 Candidates

WATCH: Recovered Footage Of Obama Slamming Christianity Will Make You FURIOUS

Try as hard as he may, Obama may convince some that he’s a Christian, but when he slams Jesus and mocks the bible, that sure does make a case for the opposite.

A video of the former president went viral though it was a bit of a struggle. What I mean is that the video is constantly being taken down just as fast as it’s shared.

Of course, all of the mainstream social media platforms are liberal to the core and so they’re all going to do everything they can to stay in his good graces and keep anything negative about him off their platforms as much as they can.

The then young senator openly bashed the Bible and said that America is not a Christian country. Now that the video has found its way into the hands of the public the left is working tirelessly to take it down.

This, in combination with the photographer coming out about a suppressed photo of Obama and Louis Farrakhan, is more than enough to prove Obama did not have American values in mind

The image of Obama and Farrakhan has provoked a strong response from Obama opponents, who accused Muhammad, Farrakhan and “the media” of trying to protect Obama.

In a tweet, Jonathan Greenblatt, the national director of the Anti-Defamation League, called on Obama to publicly denounce Farrakhan.

“Over his career, [Barack Obama] has denounced the bigotry of Farrakhan,”

“Time to do so again. Leaders always should make sure that there’s no doubt: America is no place for those who advocate #antisemitism or hate.”

Kelly McBride, vice president of the Poynter Institute and an expert on journalism ethics, said the issue of publishing the photo is not that cut and dried, considering that Muhammad was working for Farrakhan’s newspaper. She said there were several considerations, including the relevance and context of the meeting.

USA Today reported,

Former President Barack Obama is on the campaign trail, stumping for Democratic candidates in a midterm election in which he says our very democracy is at stake. And many conservative politicians and pundits were happy to get the chance to relive the Obama years and point to what they perceive as his failures in office.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said in response to Obama’s speech that, “The more former President Obama speaks about the ‘good ol years’ of his presidency, the more likely President Trump is to get re-elected.”

Former Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka said Obama’s “whole eight-year presidency was an embarrassment when it comes to everything from the economy to national security.”

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Elon Musk WRECKS CNN and California Governor For Lying About Promised Ventilators “…Never Made It To Hospitals”

Last week, to no one’s surprise, CNN posted another fake news article.

This time it was about Tesla CEO Elon Musk in which they claimed that he failed to deliver on his promise of 1255 FDA-approved ventilators from China after telling New York he bought them and would donate them.

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Nasty Nancy Deletes Video of Herself in Chinatown in February Downplaying Coronavirus, Trump Campaign Pounces (VIDEO)

In a video from back in February of this year, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi can be seen traveling to Chinatown in San Francisco to prove that it was safe and that President Trump was making a bad move in banning travel from China.

She, of course, claimed that he was being racist and xenophobic and that it was perfectly safe to go to Chinatown amid the coronavirus outbreak.

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New Jersey City is Deploying a Chinese Firm’s Drones to Police the Social Distancing of Americans

Elizabeth, New Jersey is using a Chinese firm’s drones to make sure citizens are employing proper social distancing. Reports in the past have suggested that these drones are feeding data to China.

Elizabeth Mayor J. Christian Bollwage is deploying the drones to give warnings to Elizabeth citizens who are walking too close to one another while outdoors. The drone blares sirens and says “Stop gathering, disperse and go home!”

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If Your Kids are on TikTok, You May Want to Hear This

TikTok is an addicting app where people post short video clips that can either tell a story, be a dance, comedic, sad, etc. It seems to be a spin off of the popular app “Vine” that went away a few years ago.

I am guilty of having the app to watch the videos posted by others, but I deleted it a while back because it wasted too much time. However, the more I learn about the insidiousness of it, the happier I am that I no longer use it!

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