WATCH: Rapper Kicks Fan Off Stage After Refusing To Yell "F**k Donald Trump"

At a recent concert, rapper YG brought a fan up on the stage after he noticed that he was not yelling out the words, "f**k Donald Trump", which is part of one of his songs.

The rapper said to the fan after came up, “I spotted you in the crowd, I asked if you f**k with Donald Trump. You said, ‘You don’t know.’ So since you don’t know, I need you to make up your mind tonight.”

YG then demanded that the man let everyone know what his name was (probably in an attempt to have him doxxed) and yell out "f**k Donald Trump." He still refused.

Since he refused, YG kicked pushed him off stage while the crowd cheered, then started ranting about how much he hates Donald Trump.

No you won’t? Get his a** outta here! He a Donald Trump supporter. Get his a** outta here! Don’t come to a motherfu**in’ show with YG on a motherfu**in’ billboard, Donald Trump supporter. Don’t let his a** back in the crowd. Tell ’em YG said so.”

“Donald Trump racist, he don’t f*** with black people, so if you f**k with Donald Trump, you racist as f*** and I can’t f**k with you. Period.”

If you're unfamiliar with who YG is, he's just another good for nothing rapper who is brainwashed by the liberals and chooses to remain oppressed by the Democrats.

Let's compare him to a Trump-supporting rapper, how about Kanye West?

Kanye is one of the biggest rap stars out there and he's not being hateful like YG is. Kanye is now a genuine Christian and a vocal Trump supporter. He realizes that he and the black community have been brainwashed and he finally escaped and found Christ. Now he's on a mission to share the word, encourage others, and help others in the black community to see the error of their political enslavement by the Democrats.