WATCH: Police Aren’t Playing Games in Portland! Charges Antifa Blockade and Wipes Them Out

For more than three months now, Portland has seen riots. What is there left to do at this point? I’m sure everything is in ruins.

You have the Antifa/Black Lives Matter terrorists continually blocking the streets, buildings burned to the ground, essentially no police, and they’ve even started moving into residential neighborhoods.

Earlier this week, a mob of them was blocking a street with a shield wall. The wall has been used to protect rioters behind them from crowd control munitions as the mob hurls objects at police.

Police as they have done every night warned the mob multiple times to disperse and they refused. As a result, the police charged the shield wall, broke it up, and began arrested each and every one of them.

Of course, the top prosecutor has been sympathetic to rioters however, it appears the word has gone out to the Democrats that riots and destruction are bad now.

Oregon Governor Kate Brown for the first time actually condemned the riots and has denounced them.

Not twenty-four hours apart from Brown’s statement Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo on CNN were chatting that the riots must stop and are a problem for the Democrats.

The Democrats have unleashed pandora’s box on America because of their hatred of President Trump. Portland has seen over 80 consecutive days of riots there is no way Democrats are not going to be able to put their mob back into the box. Here’s a great example, this is one the Portland “protestors” “legal observers” response to Governor Kate Brown’s message.

They’ve even tried to burn police officers alive.

At this point, I honestly believe that the Democrats are at a loss with what to do about the riots. They are really keeping their mouths closed tight about it all, except for Jerry Nadler of course who just denies that it’s actually even taking place.

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