WATCH: Pete Buttigieg Debates 7-Year-Old Girl On Abortion, Tells Her It's OK to Kill Babies

During a campaign event in New Hampshire for Democratic candidate, Pete Buttigieg, a 7-year-old girl asked

The young girl asked the presidential candidate a question on abortion,

"Mayor Buttigieg, I have listened to you in the debates, and learned some stuff about you, and that you believe in a woman’s right to choose about her own body. I agree with that. No one should mess with or choose about my body except me and my parents because I’m still a child.”

She paused for a moment and Buttigieg askes her age and tells her how sophisticated she is. Then she continues with her questions,

“I believe that you make your decision on whether you’re going to have a child, and then your decision is made, and the abortion is not part of it. What do you think about that?”

The girl is clearly arguing that essentially without her having all the details, that once you choose to have sex that the decision is already made in regards to having a baby. When you have sex, you're assuming the "risk" of becoming pregnant and abortion is not a part of that deciding factor after the deed has been done.

Buttigieg responded to the girl with this answer,

"Well, first of all, thanks for speaking up about this, and thanks for being here, and I wish I was as tuned in to big issues when I was 7 as you seem to be. This is a hard issue for a lot of people because they believe different things – and where I live, people believe different things, including people that I respect. But the way I think about it is that this choice, it’s about drawing a line, and we might each, following our own beliefs, have a different idea about where to draw the line.

What I hope everybody, or at least most of us, can agree on is who gets to draw the line – and that’s the person making the decision, that’s the woman in question. And I trust women to make that choice. I don’t think that choice is easy. I know that it’s not going to be any better because the government’s saying what it ought to be. I trust women to make that choice. And it sounds like you and I view this issue the same way."

No, Pete. She does not view it the same as you.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore