WATCH: Ohio Mother Tased and Arrested For Not Wearing Mask at Grade School Son's Outdoor Football Game

Alecia Kitts, an Ohio mother who was trying to attend her grade school son's football game, was tased and arrested for not wearing a mask.

While sitting in the bleachers with her mother, Kitts got into a dispute with a police officer about not wearing a mask.

Soon after the arrest, a video of the altercation surfaced on YouTube. It shows a struggle between her and the police officer as he attempts to handcuff her.

While some of these mask rules are certainly insane, she still should not have resisted arrested and created a struggle with a police officer. Just because we disagree with the rules in place and mostly agree with her, she still can't go struggling with a police officer who is doing his job.

Seriously, though, why would you force people to wear masks outside where they can easily socially distance?

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USA Today: 'Force Everyone to Take COVID-19 Vaccine – It's Patriotic'

USA Today posted a piece last month calling for "vaccination for all" and said that "it's not un-American, it's patriotic."

So much for medical freedom. What happened to the my body, my choice crowd?

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Senate Report: Former VP Biden Allowed Family to Enrich Themselves Abroad

According to a new Senate report on Wednesday, former Vice President Joe Biden allowed his son, Hunter Biden, as well as other members of his family to enrich themselves while in foreign countries. All of that while Biden was in office.

The report also points out that the Obama administration knew about the conflict of interest, yet did nothing when Hunter was appointed to the board of a corrupt Ukrainian fossil fuel company known as Burisma.

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GOP Lawmakers Present New Bill That Hitting Pelosi and the Democrats

For nearly four months now, Antifa and Black Lives Matter terrorists have taken to the streets to steal, kill, and destroy, just like their father (biblical reference).

These riots have taken place in a number of cities across the country, but has been most prevalent in a handful of locations.

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The View Co-Hosts Interrupt and Insult Black Republican During Show (VIDEO)

The women of ABC's "The View" are about as rotten as they come. Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg are probably the worst of the bunch, but Sunny Hostin and Meghan McCain are just as bad.

These women recently had congressional candidate Kimberly Klacik on the show and treated her like trash.

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Trump Announces Executive Order to Protect Babies Who Survive Abortion

God is using President Donald Trump to do HUGE things. On Wednesday, he announced the Born Alive Executive Order that will "ensure that all precious babies born alive, no matter their circumstances, receive the medical care that they deserve.”

How amazing! We are just one step closer to saving all of the lives lost every year to abortion.

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CA Governor Signs New Executive Order to Ban Gas-Powered Vehicles

California Governor Gavin Newsom has officially done it! He lost the last few marbles left in that pea-sized brain of his.

On Wednesday, the governor signed an executive order to ban gas-powered vehicles in the state by 2035. He is also directing the California Air Resources Board to require all new vehicles be "zero-emission" vehicles by the year 2015.

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