WATCH: Newly Released Video Shows Marine Disarm Two Rioters Who Stole Police Rifles

They say "once a Marine, always a Marine" and for at many this is something people hold to with pride.

In some recently released video, one of our Marines is seen disarming an Antifa rioter who broke into a police vehicle and stole a government issue AR-15 and actually started firing shots.

The security guard, an ex-Marine, realized that things were getting out of hand with the protesters who were destroying two abandoned SUVs. The Marine, who wishes to remain nameless, told reporters that he knew there were weapons inside the police vehicles but his first thought was to get everyone to safety:

“The first thing that ran through my mind was, ‘I’ve got to get the team to safety.’ That’s you guys. I put you guys around the corner. I immediately assumed that there were firearms in those vehicles. I was an infantryman; that’s what you need to do: make a decision, and absolutely run with it.”

The rioter is seen in the video taking the AR-15 from the demolished police SUV then fired off a few rounds. The rioter proceeds to walk up the sidewalk, gun still in hand. Who knows what his plans were- if he had any.

It was then that the Marine realized what he needed to do. He recalls:

“he held the weapon down and away because he was shocked and afraid. So I came up and I snatched the weapon from him. I told him, ‘Get out of here!'”

Just as the Marine put out one metaphorical fire he realized there were more guns inside the second police vehicle. Sure enough, he turned to see rioters pulling a duffle bag from the back of the SUV. The guard snapped into action.

“The thought was, ‘I need to take that. I need to get control of that. That’s a police firearm….'”


This man is a hero and honestly, there is no telling how many lives he saved with his quick actions. And what an example of humility and character, the man didn't even want to reveal his name because he doesn't want the recognition that comes with it.


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