WATCH: Netflix Just Crossed The Line, Subscribers Demand Netflix Remove Blasphemous Christmas Special

Netflix is facing a HUGE outcry of blasphemy as it recently released a "Christmas Special" that makes fun of Jesus has him as a homosexual man. The Brazilian comedy group by the name of Porta dos Fundos is also under heavy heat.

The film, "A Primeira Tentação de Cristo", or "The First Temptation of Christ", is about a gay Jesus Christ who takes his boyfriend, Orlando, to meet his parents, Mary and Joseph.

So far, there have been a total of 2 million people that have signed a petition at to have the movie removed from Netflix.

According to Fox News,

Representatives for Netflix did not immediately respond to Fox News' request for comment.

The outlet reports that the comedy group Porta dos Fundos is responsible for the special, which actually marks their second religious satire following “The Last Hangover,” which depicts Jesus’ disciples looking for him on the morning after the Last Supper. They recently earned an International Emmy Award for best comedy web television special for "The Last Hangover."

The petition quickly formed and people continue to sign it in a push for the streaming service to take action against the group’s latest special for its alleged insensitivity toward Christians.

Porta dos Fundos remains undeterred, however. Per Yahoo Entertainment, they posted a tweet linking to a different petition calling for its removal from Netflix and blasted their own comedy special as “tragic and sad.”

When mocking the King of kings and Lord of lords seems like a good idea, that's when you know that they will have a huge consequence to pay, both in this life and the next.

It is completely blasphemous to depict God in the flesh to be a sinner who gets drunk and lives a homosexual lifestyle.

Netflix has already lost a multitude of subscribers earlier this year for their stance on abortion, this time they may lose even more.