WATCH: Neil Cavuto Cuts Away from Trump Speech to Fact-Check Obama Attacks

Neil Cavuto from Fox News is another one of the news hosts that you really just don't know whose side he is really on.

Just recently, he felt that what he had to say was much more important than what the President himself was discussing.

The President was giving a speech on impacts of regulation on American workers and reviewing his administration's track record.

During the speech, President Donald Trump stated that former President Barack Obama had enacted “job-destroying regulations.” At this point, the Cavuto decided it was necessary to come to the defense of the former President.

As Breitbart reports, Cavuto interjected, “I do want to clarify a couple of things he said, that no president in history has cut regulations as much as he has. That is true. I think he might have mischaracterized the regulations that were added under Barack Obama — they were largely financial related.”

Unfortunately, Fox News is now guilty of fake news as well. There are several different regulations which came into effect under Obama’s administration, each of which likely have cost American’s their jobs or prevented new jobs from being created.

For example, perhaps the President was referring to the requirements of Obamacare which caused millions of people to face reduced hours or lose their jobs because their employers could not afford to pay for health insurance if the exceeded 30 hours a week on average.

Or maybe he was referring to the Clean Power Plan, which requires reduced levels of carbon dioxide, making it almost impossible to create new coal power plants and often times prohibitively expensive to update old ones. Each plant can employ hundreds to thousands of workers.

Or there’s the EPA’s Ozone Standard which was tightened under Obama and was estimated to cost $1.4 billion annually to maintain compliance (that’s 1.4 billion which could have been going to workers’ salaries).

Possibly, the President could have been referring to Net Neutrality, which enabled to FCC to prevent any internet access provider to do any practice deemed unreasonable, effectively requiring FCC approval for any internet-based business model.

Another potential target of the President’s statement could have been referring to the expansion of the Clean Water Act to include “isolated wetlands, ponds, and ditches.” Many critics interpreted this expansion as arbitrary enough that the EPA gets to regulate puddles if it so desires.

There are several other similarly expansive regulations that could be mentioned. What the Fox News viewership could really use is fair and unbiased reporting instead of Obama cheerleading. The other networks provided enough of that for a lifetime.

Breitbart | The Daily Wire

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