WATCH: Mitt Romney Attacks Trump While Praising The WHO, ‘Not The Smartest Guy In The Room’

RINO Mitt Romney needs to be expelled from the Republican Party. Is this something that we can do? because he has no business calling himself a Republican. He's just as much of a liberal as the lunatics on the left.

This week, Romney ripped into President Trump's efforts and rebuking him for withdrawing funding to the World Health Organization and had the audacity to announce his support for the WHO.

“It’s in America’s interests – in America’s selfish interests to be involved in writing the rules of the world," said Romney. “No I think the WHO are not doing a great job… but we should be more involved there not less. “We should be trying to get the institution to do a better job and make the world a better place.”

Romney said, “The key in leadership is recognizing when you’re not the smartest guy in the room. In a setting like this I think it’s important for the people at the top to recognize that there are always people out there with more information. You want to bring them in and divide responsibility and have them manage… with that we’re not where we ought to be.”

“The first phase which was getting ready to respond clearly we were not in a position of extraordinary strength. We did not have the testing as fast as we could have or should have. We did not have the personal protective equipment we would have hoped to have. I think part of that is just the recognition that in many cases American companies – multinational companies – are producing these products elsewhere, typically in China. They had the crisis first, so they got the PPE – we did not.”

Romney continued, “That’s just in terms of crisis management – the willingness of the federal government to step in and coordinate everything from PPE to testing to repair of our hospital systems and so forth – none of those things really stood out as being great moments in American leadership.”

You can watch his entire rant below.

Daily Mail

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