WATCH: Joe Biden's 'Nursing Home' Parody Commercial Has People Scratching Their Head

Every once in awhile a parody hits too close to home. That is exactly what happened when Joe Biden and Lady Gaga teamed up for their "Nursing Home" parody.

Biden and Gaga teamed up to do a public service announcement for "abused women." Seriously. Nevermind that Biden has been accused of sexual assault by a former Senate staffer. They had no way of knowing "Creepy Joe" would find himself in that type of trouble when they filmed this video.

During the PSA with Lady Gaga, Biden is seated very close to Gaga dressed like a nurse. How did Creepy Joe fall into this situation?

A genius Trump supporter "Carpe Donktum" made a parody video using the narration from Lady Gaga in the PSA and added images and music from "Visiting Angels" which is a home nursing care company.

Joe Biden Nursing Home Parody

When I ran into this on Twitter it took me way longer than it should have to realize it's a parody. And believe me, I wasn't the only one.

What an incredible job putting this together. It wouldn't have been possible without the delusional Biden campaign thinking a PSA for abused women was a good idea.

Someone has to stop this guy from taking a debate stage with President Trump. It's going to be a complete demolition.

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