WATCH: Joe Biden Gets Called Out By Black Man on “You Ain’t Black” Comment During Town Hall

Instead of having the second presidential debate last week, former Vice President Joe Biden held a town hall event.

Likewise, President Trump decided to do the same on the same night.

If you happened to watch both of them or saw enough clips, it was clear that there was a huge difference between the two events.

In President Trump’s town hall, he was bombarded with tough questions and was constantly on the defense. In Biden’s town hall, it was like seeing little kids toss stuffed animals to him to play with.

There was one question, however, that though it wasn’t a hardball, it did take a shot at Biden and something he has said in the past.

One young man brought up the time that Biden told Breakfast Club host “Charlamagne tha god” that if someone doesn’t know whether their for Biden or Trump then “they ain’t black.”

So one man in the “audience”

“Many people believe that the true swing demographic in this election will be black voters under the age of 30 — not because they will be voting for Trump but because they won’t vote at all.”

“So my question for you then is, besides ‘you ain’t black,’ what do you have to say to young black voters who see voting for you as further participation in a system that fails to protect them?”

Went basically gave a political non-answer as usual.

“First of all, as my buddy John Lewis said, it’s a sacred opportunity the right to vote, it can make a difference. If young black women and men vote, you can determine the outcome of the election,” Biden responded, invoking the late civil rights icon.

Biden continued at length, talking about how teachers needed to be paid $60,000 a year, that there needed to be more school psychologists and how he would guarantee a $15,000 down-payment for first-time homebuyers.

After a few minutes, moderator George Stephanopoulos asked Humphrey if his question had been answered.

“Uh, I think so,” Humphey replied.

The real answer is, no. Of course, he didn’t answer the question clearly. He never can when it comes to something of real substance.

New York Post

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