WATCH: East Oakland Gathering During Pandemic

The left loves to blame Trump for the spread of the coronavirus. Despite him blocking travel from China back in January, the Democrats claim he is not taking this seriously at all.

Nancy Pelosi claimed that President Trump didn't do enough "early on" to stop the coronavirus. What was she doing back in January? Leading a sham impeachment process.

President Trump was busy forming a coronavirus task force. Despite having a very diverse task force, he was accused of being racist by CNN. And then there was Joe Biden, who chimed in with his typical nonsense.

Ultimately, it doesn't matter what sort of direction President Trump provides this country if no one listens.

East Oakland is under a strict "shelter in place" order, but that doesn't matter. There are still loads of people gathering outside and having a grand old time.

East Oakland Pandemic Gathering

Why are city officials letting this happen? When coronavirus starts running rampantly through East Oakland will the left continue to blame President Trump for it?

Of course they will.