WATCH: Confused Joe Biden Is A Walking Health Hazard – Repeatedly Goes Around without Mask

As much as Joe Biden talks about President Trump not taking the coronavirus seriously and downplaying it, he sure is a walking health hazard himself.

The former Vice President and Democratic presidential candidate is too oblivious to keep everyone safe from the virus and quite frankly, likely doesn't care about these stupid coronavirus regulations. It's all a big show to them.

In all of the time the Democrats, including Biden himself, have complained about how unsafe the President is being by not wearing a mask as certain times, they have failed to acknowledge what is right under Biden's nose…literally.

Take a look at this for example. Just last week during a campaign stop in Nevada, Biden was giving a speech while wearing his mask. I have no idea why he chose to keep his mask on during this speech because he removes it at other times.

And I kid you not, Biden stopped mid-speech, pulled down his mask to cough into his hand, and then pulled his mask back up.

Watch the video below:

This guy has no common sense whatsoever. That is the precise reason why people are supposed to be wearing a mask! When he pulls the mask down to cough into his hand, all that does is put all the germs into his hand to spread everywhere else and to everyone else because we all know how touchy-feely Biden is.

But that's not all, at another stop in Pennsylvania last week as well, Biden was not wearing a mask while speaking this time.

When he's finished he's confused about which way to go, which, okay – we can let that one slide, but then he leaves the podium walks over to someone touches him on the arm and talks to him. He suddenly stops and say, "Oh, by the way. I forgot." and runs back over to the podium to presumably grab his mask…

If you thought that too, you would be wrong. He goes back to get what he calls, "his son's hat."

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